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Something Rotten in the State of Pharma

Something Rotten in the State of Pharma

  As regular readers here know, I sometimes get so ahead of the curve that you may, with all apologies to the Talking Heads, ask yourself; “…how do I apply this? You may ask yourself, who is that crazy Dr. Mike? You may tell yourself, this is not a normal...
Egg On Your Face

Egg On Your Face

I have received a tremendous amount of inquiry this week regarding a recently released report that splashed dire and perhaps somewhat eggs-aggerated warnings throughout the media. This Canadian study was published in the journal, Atherosclerosis. In this observational...

Behind the Surgical Mask

As adults, I have been told, we are to put away childish things. However, I do not believe this means the lessons that we learned as children. I do believe it involves shelving delusions of mythical clinics where youthful looks are made eternal and philosopher stones...

A Memorial Day Thanks

From all of us who enjoy the wonders of Freedom and Liberty, a “Thanks” to all of those who by serving, make it so.

Josh Tolley Show-A Must Listen Recap!

For those that missed it, here is the recap of the radio interview about The Affordable Healthcare Act and its implications; a detailed and apolitical commentary. If you enjoy this, please pass it along and share. It is important people know the information so we can...
Eat Well and Savor Your Life

Eat Well and Savor Your Life

A Cardiologist’s Recipes for Health Its’ not unusual for a cardiologist to encourage patients to eat a healthy diet. But how many physicians can get specific, let alone inspiring, with their cooking advice? Meet Mike Fenster, MD, a board-certified...

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