Creola, Creola, Creola for me…Creola in my soul-a…It’s in the food, it’s in the mud… Creola, Creola, Creola for me~ Jimmy Buffett (Creola)

A rare find at the fishmongers is fresh Atlantic creole fish. It’s firm delicious white flesh lies under a beautifully crimson, vibrant fish that runs around 11 inches in length. The Atlantic creole fish has an elongated body with a very short head and a forked tail. Although seen here in its vermillion glory, the fish can range from this eye catching red to dull gray. It can generally be found around coral reefs and prefers the shallows, but it can be found as deep as 165 feet.

The creole fish feeds in large groups, often very close to the surface of the water. However, this species tends to hide immediately when alarmed; making it an infrequent catch.


This rare gem was lightly dusted with coconut flour (as were the accompanying delectable sea scallops), pan sautéed and served with garden fresh veg over orzo. A simple lemon and caper pan sauce later and this fish, this creol-a found its way into my soul-a!

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