Boccoli Ripassati con Gorgonzola e Pomodori

Boccoli Ripassati con Gorgonzola e Pomodori

This is a very simple example of the many things that can be done with vegetables utilizing a big pot blanching technique. The broccoli ripassati recipe forms the basis for this delightful, cool appetizer. In this example, the sauce is mixed with a little Gorgonzola blue cheese and placed in a ring mold to set. It is then topped with some fennel, micro greens, and surrounded by freshly chopped tomatoes that have been graced with a little good olive oil. Sprinkle of sea salt, and that’s all that is needed. You can feel free to vary the type of cheese, add additional herbs, or things like basil leaf and fennel root right into the mix.



  • 120 g of broccoli ripassati
  • 25 g Gorgonzola cheese
  • 50 g freshly chopped tomatoes
  • Herbs and good quality olive oil to garnish
  • Sea salt to taste



Combine the broccoli ripassati with chunks of Gorgonzola cheese in a small bowl. Place these in an 8 cm (approximately 3 inch) ring mold. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate at least four hours. To serve, allow to come up to room temperature and remove the ring mold. Place the freshly topped tomatoes around the base and drizzle lightly with good quality olive oil. Top with herbs and micro greens. Lightly season with sea salt, and enjoy!