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Culinary Medicine Approved Kitchen
Recognition Program

Chef tested. Doctor approved.

Chef Dr. Mike is the gateway for people to awaken to a new and healthier relationship with food through the expertise of a medical doctor, the wisdom of a culinary medicine professor, and the passion of a professional chef.

He is committed to advocating that culinary medicine is for everyone and is continuously developing programs that promote his commitment to offering a healthier way of living for all and the advancement of practical culinary medicine in daily life.

Chef Dr. Mike’s Windows Institute of Culinary Medicine has partnered with the American Culinary Federation to develop the ACFEF Culinary Medicine Approved Kitchen Recognition Program (ACFEF CMAK) to recognize establishments that meet or exceed the standards for preparing healthful dishes utilizing culinary medicine principles.

The American Culinary Federation, Inc. (ACF), a professional organization for chefs and cooks sets the standard of excellence for chefs.


ACFEF CMAK recognition provides tremendous marketability and public trust in your establishment. The benefits of earning this recognition include:

  • Enhance Brand Value: Differentiate yourself from the competition with ACFEF CMAK recognition. Word-of-mouth, reviews, ratings, and Michelin stars all drive customers to your kitchen. Earning ACFEF CMAK recognition will increase your sales by letting the public know your commitment to quality and health.
  • Validate Healthfulness: Many of the terms like “locally farm fresh” or “farm to table” have no legal standing and can be misleading to the consumer. ACFEF CMAK recognition gives consumers comfort and guarantee about the quality of the food they are paying to receive.
  • Value Recognition: You take the time and effort to make a real difference for your customers by using quality ingredients produced in sustainable fashion. The ACFEF CMAK awards you the recognition you deserve and the effort your customers appreciate.

Become an ACFEF Recognized CMAK

ACFEF CMAK applicants go through an on-site review process with approved evaluators to ensure they meet, or exceed, the following standards:

  • Qualified staff trained in culinary medicine techniques
  • Minimal processed food is used
  • Origin of ingredients can be verified
  • Food is prepared using healthful techniques
  • Truth in menu is followed
  • Safety and sanitation is observed

Approved ACFEF CMAK establishments earn a verifiable digital badge that can be shared through social media, as well as a window decal to proudly display their recognition status.

Review the guidelines, then request an application.

Approved Kitchen Program

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