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In today’s world, misinformation packaged as fad diets and unsubstantiated health advice reign supreme. Unafraid to take a rebel stand, no one is more qualified to bust these commonly accepted myths than Dr. Michael Fenster (Chef Dr. Mike). One of less than twenty Physician-Chefs worldwide, Chef Dr. Mike is the only interventional cardiologist and Professor of Culinary Medicine. Chef Dr. Mike leads the way to multidisciplinary, evidence-based lifestyle choices that reestablish fundamental relationships to increase happiness, health, and wellness.

Always engaging, often controversial, but never dull; Chef Dr. Mike has been featured as a speaker at an American Heart Association Conference and The International Conference on Food and Nutrition Science as well as numerous radio, podcasts and television programs both nationally and internationally. Several inspiring articles have been spotlighted in publications like The Atlantic, Variety, The Huffington Post, and The New York Post.   Whether you write, podcast, cook, host a foodie event, or produce a radio or television program; Chef Dr. Mike is the premier choice to speak about anything food and health-related. Through his unique lens of culinary medicine, he’ll inspire your audience with all the comfort and casualness of a family dinner.

To take advantage of Chef Dr. Mike’s expertise on your platform, click below to send an inquiry or email to Info@ChefDrMike.com.

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