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It was once said that the sun never set on the British Empire. At its height, countries, and territories under its sway extended from North America through Europe across the Mediterranean and Africa into Asia and all the way down under to Australia. Thanks to modern technology and our local sourcing wizards, Joe and Barbara from Seppi’s European Market & Deli, we were able to acquire some wild-harvested kangaroo meat from Australia. That was brought home by cooking it sous vide with an infusion of Highclere Gin and spices. Local, fresh Romanesco was roasted with oil infused with chermoula spices, adding an echo of North African accent. The theme was further continued with the Royal Roo being served over handmade North African couscous (Les Moulin Mahjoub M’hamsa from Tunisia) with peas, lightly charred pearl onions, herbs, and of course a touch of mint. The whole dish is brought together with a preserved lemon yogurt sauce. A bit of edible history on the plate!

Highclere gin infused roo with roasted chermoula romanesco. pea and pearl onion herbed cous cous, and preserved lemon yogurt sauce