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Italian Style (Leave the turkey, take the pasta)


After a Thanksgiving feast; there are always leftovers, including base ingredients. Sourcing like a Chef (as discussed in my forthcoming book, Food Shaman: The Art of Quantum Food) also involves economical use of ingredients. It is not only good for our wallets, but reducing waste is good for the community, country, and planet. So with some benchwarmers consisting of extra cream, tomato paste, veggies, and Parmigiana cheese an Italian, white based sauce and pasta menu was an easy call.

I had the great pleasure of visiting my good friend (you know him from the Culinary CPR episodes of Code Delicious with Dr. Mike radio show) a few weeks ago for a book dinner/lecture and some culinary judging for a charitable event. Chef Luca Paris (of Luca’s Mediterranean Café in Keene, NH) and I chatted about the beauty of Italian (and Mediterranean cuisine) food in that it is focused on quality ingredients, and a simplicity of preparation to highlight those natural flavors. This approach is particularly useful on the road where the emphasis is on fresh and the number of ingredients minimal.

To that end, using the aforementioned remnants, a simple pasta served with white based Parma sauce, veg, and some meatballs made from grass-finished beef, along with that herbed flatbread staple provided a lovely evening repast. Most grocery stores now carry at least some quality grass-fed, pasture raised beef and real Italian dried pasta (made from durum wheat, not modern bread wheat). Simple, delicious, natural, and authentic; those are the culinary creations of The Food Shaman, on the road, at home or wherever we may roam.

Remember, if I can do it in a hotel room, you can do it at home!

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