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Tales of Oyster Ho’boys

If you’ve been following along with our #Food Shaman journeys; you’ve seen some of our ‘survival’ sustenance created along the path we have been traveling. Today I share another simple recipe with one of Thanksgiving’s other forgotten ingredients; oysters. On the modern menu, the memory of oysters is a scant shadow of their briny, sea-filled scent. They often only exist in an “oyster” stuffing that may contain only oyster mushrooms and no real mollusks, whatsoever.

That is shame because the holiday season is a great time to find fresh oysters, and you can get them in the shell or pre-shucked. This easy recipe features a blue corn oyster ho'(tel) boy served with some of the same items used for yesterday’s Thanksgiving lobster roll; it’s a kicked-up version of the traditional leftovers.

It starts with the same herbed flatbread we used yesterday; the recipe is here. Then it is a simple, traditional breading trinity; a little seasoned flour, egg, then seasoned blue corn flour (this can often be found in many markets with the organic or specialty flours). A quick crispin’ later the nuggets of ocean gold are laid on a bed of greens, topped with the roasted garlic avocado mayo (another of yesterday’s components) and then whatever toppings you like. I used pickles (another great fresh salad bar item when you only need a few!), red onion, tomato, and some fresh chopped parsley along with salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

A dinner on the road is never dull with a couple of oyster ho’(tel) boys for company!

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