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Local heritage breed Berkshire pork chop with red dragon-fruit glaze

Folks who have read my books and articles, attended the cooking demos and talks, are no doubt familiar with my focus on featuring fresh, local, wholesome, and authentic foods as much as possible and where appropriate.

So with that in mind, today I launch #MontanaMonday! I hope by sharing with you some of my easy, everyday creations featuring the tremendous ingredients that flow into my kitchen with the seasons; that you will be inspired to do the same in yours.

Today, we kick-off with a locally pasture raised Heritage Berkshire. An exotic note comes from the red dragon-fruit.

The less frequently seen red dragon-fruit; the white fleshed variety is more common

This was combined with a collection of herbs to create a delightful glaze. The pork chops raised in Victor, Montana at Tucker Farms have an incredible depth of flavor that needs only a seasoning, sear and a touch of glaze to shine. Supported by some simple herbed fingerling potatoes and root veg over sauteed purple cabbage a simple weeknight dish is easily elevated to grander stature.


What’s on your plate?

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