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Today we offer a new segment!

The Food Shaman understands the power of the food experience. As human beings, we do not like cattle mindlessly graze for sustenance. When we choose to eat, what we choose to eat, with whom, and how we choose to eat is a conscious decision (with tremendous subconscious input) that results in a uniquely human practice.

It is an exceptionally personal experience that has tremendous ramifications for our individual physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness. And at the same time, we are part of a relational Universe of interconnected events. We, and our choices and actions, are always part of the whole that is reflected in our culture, society, and Nature.

Such a construct is built on the people, places, and events that have gone before. Those are our roots. The history of food is the history of humankind. The Food Shaman understands that as we reach for heaven it is the strength of our origins that supports and sustains us. In bygone times, the  sharing of a meal was an intensely human exchange with implications far beyond simple nutritional value.

However, increasingly it seems that in our modern world that we have neither time nor inclination to share either food or ideas. With that given background, today I would like to offer up Food for Thought Fridays (#FfTF). Each Friday, we will share various quotes and thoughts from some of the great thinkers, doers, and philosophers throughout the ages. And since we cannot physically share a meal with each and every one of you; will do the next best thing. Will share a picture of a scrumptious, but healthful meal.

I hope you will take a moment to feast on the words as you imagine a chat across the table laden with the meal before you. I hope it inspires you to share and open both your mind and heart to the wisdom of the Ancients as you might open your mouth to enjoy the platter before you. Today it seems, too much of our discourse is filled with vitriol, rancor, and ill will. Likewise, our modern culinary offerings are far too often convenient artificial imitations that lack real substance and far too often lead us only unto disability and disease.

With that being said, here is your Friday Food for Thought!

Simple from scratch sautéed ravioli stuffed with local fresh sheep cheese and mushrooms

Are you angry with the man who smells like a goat, or the one with foul breath? What will you have him do? That’s the way his mouth is, that’s the way his armpits are, so it is inevitable that they should give out odors to match. ‘But the man is endowed with reason,’ you say, ‘and he if he puts his mind to it he can work out why he causes offense.’ Well, good for you! So you too are no less endowed with reason: bring your rationality, then, to bear on his rationality – show him, tell him. If he listens, you will cure him, and no need for anger.
Neither hypocrite nor whore.


~Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (5:28)

Marcus Aurelius

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