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Apple Pie Spice Blend

Apple pie spice blend is the poor cousin of pumpkin spice. While pumpkin spice gets all the fall flavor attention, apple pie spice blend (APSB) brings its own wonderful complement to the table. Whilst many of the ingredients are similar, APSB rearranges them with differing proportions and also adds coriander to the mix. In addition to delivering a delightful flavor profile, coriander has several known health benefits including improving s digestion and is also a good source of antioxidants. It can help lower LDL cholesterol and provides copper, zinc, iron and other essential minerals that increase  overall heart health. Coriander seeds also are rich in vitamin K, C, and B vitamins.

Apple Pie Spice Blend


  • 4 parts coriander
  • 4 parts cinnamon
  • ½ part nutmeg
  • ½ part allspice
  • ½ part ginger
  • ½ part cloves


Combine all ground ingredients, mix well and store in airtight container.