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Smoked Rosemary and Heirloom Tomato Jam

Around the globe, one of the foods most associated with America is the ubiquitous hamburger. But as the hamburger can be a thing of beauty or a hideous carcass of a sandwich better off left inside its cardboard casket; its taste and nutritional worth can likewise span the gamut. Every chef knows that a custom ground, artisanal grass-finished bison burger is a completely different animal compared to a fast food pre-prepared and ultra-processed patty. Apparently, the medical community does not. A giant flaw in the data analysis of red meat is considering items such as these equivalent and interchangeable as a “burger.” They are not, never have been. Fortunately, a few brave researchers are starting shift the perspective by re-examining the burger according to the quality of its composition. What they are finding is what every chef and cook with a pair of functional taste buds already knew; character counts.



Combine all ingredients until well mixed. Shape in patties of desired size and weight.