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Meet author Dr. Mike Fenster! {Why The Modern Western Diet is Killing Us and How to Stop It}

Article first posted on Orlando Mom Collective, January 12, 2015

Have you gained a few pounds over the holidays? Do you have a New Year’s resolution to eat more healthfully? Easier said than done, I know! What if you could get sound health advice not from a guru but a board certified cardiologist and recipes from a professional chef all in one swoop? And what if this source was a trusted source to media outlets around the world like Atlantic Magazine, Fox Business, Glamour and Forbes? Sound to good to be true? Thankfully it is true and his name is Dr. Mike and he’s America’s Culinary Interventionalist.

If you are looking for some serious solutions about what you are putting in your body, yet you’re concerned about losing all of your favorite foods, Dr. Mike’s new book, The Fallacy of The Calorie is the answer. The Huffington Post described it as having “an almost Robin Williams-style of enlightening the reader; Dr. Mike gives visual descriptions to bring facts to life. For the curious and confused The Fallacy of The Calorie has comprehensive education and sound recommendations for fueling yourself to truly live.” -Suna Senman Huffington Post Reviewer.